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Watches are fashion items that place emphasis on design and story, so you can’t switch to a smartwatch just because it’s convenient. Previously, we introduced Trivoly, which turns a wristwatch into a smartwatch , but it only had the ability to notify you of smartphone notifications using an LED and a vibrator, which left you unsatisfied.

On the other hand, “ LINK ”  , which is currently seeking support through the crowdfunding service “Indiegogo”, is equipped with a display, so it seems like an ordinary wristwatch can be used as a full-fledged smartwatch.

LINK is a smart device that can be used to replace the buckle on a metal watch band. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and displays various information on a 16 x 40 mm curved organic EL (OLED) screen. It can be attached to bands with a width of 18mm to 26mm, so you can make various watches smarter.

In addition to an OLED display, it is equipped with a speaker and vibrator, so you can check various notifications such as incoming calls, emails, and schedule alarms at your fingertips. It is also possible to control linked devices using touch panel operations, gesture operations, and voice input to the built-in microphone.

By combining an acceleration sensor and an optical heart rate sensor, it can also be used as a fitness support device. It also supports NFC and can be used for device control such as smart unlocking and touch payments.

Source: CNET Japan

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