Prototype OLED Finally Arrived for Testing

Our OLED manufacture has finally sent us our first prototype screen. This is the screen that will go on the Cuff and we will be using this screen to develop with. Now they are working on the smaller screen that will be going on LINK. This screen will take some time to design and manufacture as it is completely custom and is specifically built for Wearatec. For now we will develop using the larger screen





Our Goals

Friends, our goal is to bring to market 3 unique products.

1. LINK: A smart clasp design to be fitted onto watches with metal straps

2. LINK Strap: A smart clasp with a Genuine crocodile leather strap available in 3 colors. Designed to be fitted onto watches with leather straps

3. LINK Cuff: A smart clasp with large display and added functionality including 2G, NFC, mic, etc…. This product will have a large clasp form factor with an extra wide genuine crocodile leather cuff available in 3 colors. Designed to be worn as a stand alone smart watch

Hello Friends!!!

Hello Friends! Welcome to our live and interactive blog. Throughout the development process, we will be keeping our customer and supporters updated on our progress on here. Please feel free to leave us your comments and feedback.

Thank You!

Team Wearatec