Final HDI Board Design

We are very happy to announce that, after much hard work and multiple design iterations, we are almost finished the final high density board design. We have worked very closely with our board manufacture in order to stay within their capabilities (very tricky) and are very happy with the outcome. Now we are just adding some finishing touches and preparing for prototyping.

We will be posting pictures of the finished prototypes very soon…

Software Design Update

Our team is making great progress on the software! Note: the ambient light sensor is not used here so screen is very bright which makes some of the text and icons a bit fuzzy. This OLED is much sharper than it looks in these pics. More pics to follow!













Final board design is proving to be very challenging but slowly and carefully we are making good progress.

Software is now being written for the final product using our SDK and debugging board. When we are ready to manufacture the final board, software will be ready to test.

Hardware Design & Validation Progress

Hardware validating is now complete and we are very happy to announce that we are now working on the design for our production level board.

This board will be very complex because it is extremely small. We have to pack almost all of the components that you see on our SDK in a high density, flexible and curved board with only an area of 22mm X 30mm.

This is the challenge in this product and is what we have put all of our R&D efforts into in the last 9 months of development. Finally we are ready!!!